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Unity CPU Performance Posts

🗒️ SRP Batcher: Does it "Truly Suck"?

As many so called "game devs" say: does the SRP batcher truly suck?

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🗒️ High Performance Collections in Unity C#

In this blog post I will show you how to use object pooling in Unity 2021 with this new official API so you don't have to mess with 3rd party code that breaks on every Unity upgrade.

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🗒️ Static Batching in Unity Like You Never Saw

Why devs don't know how static batching truly works in Unity

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🗒️ Yes, You Can Animate Thousands of Characters in Real-Time

Discover the performance challenges of crowd rendering & how to render thousands of character in Unity within your tight performance budget

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🗒️ Don't Let Offscreen Objects Ruin Your Performance - Unity CullingGroup API

Make your expensive scripts cost nothing while they are offscreen

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